MPO vs. MTP Connectors: What Sets Them Apart?

Friday 9th February 2024

In dense cabling environments such as data centers, MPO or MTP terminated cables are extensively utilized. Traditional multi-fiber cables with tight buffering require individual termination of each fiber by a skilled technician. Conversely, MPO cables come pre-terminated, carrying multiple fibers. Factory-terminated MPO/MTP connectors commonly offer either 12-fiber or 24-fiber arrays.

There are distinctions between the terms MPO and MTP, often used interchangeably, leading to customer inquiries seeking clarification about their differences.

MPO represents a fiber connector type primarily used for terminating multi-fiber ribbon connections in indoor settings, adhering to IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5 (FOCIS 5) standards.

On the other hand, MTP is a trademarked brand of an MPO connector manufactured by US Conec, aligning with MPO specifications. While all MTPs fall under the category of MPOs, not all MPOs are branded as MTPs.

The term "MTP" stands for "Multi-fiber Termination Push-on" connector, engineered to meet high mechanical and optical specifications, incorporating patented features. Visually, there is minimal disparity between the two connectors, and they are mutually compatible in cabling setups.

MPO connectors are available in male or female types. The male connector can be identified by two alignment pins protruding from the ferrule's end, while the female connector features holes in the ferrule designed to accept the alignment pins from the male counterpart.

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