Shaping tomorrow with Nexgen

Nexgen is part of the Amadys Group, a distinguished European market leader in the distribution of passive equipment across telecom, electricity, water, gas, and industry sectors. In 2020, Amadys has made a strategic investment in Nexgen, recognizing the immense benefits that this collaboration promises. At the core of this partnership is Nexgen's unique ability to impart extensive knowledge in the domain of compatible transceivers.

Amadys' forward-thinking approach positions Nexgen as a catalyst for innovation within its operations. The investment underscores Amadys' commitment to staying ahead of the curve, leveraging Nexgen's expertise to enhance its capabilities in the rapidly evolving landscape of transceiver technology.

This collaboration serves as a testament to Amadys' dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to its clientele. Nexgen's advanced features and compatibility align seamlessly with Amadys' commitment to excellence. As we embark on this mutually beneficial journey, the fusion of Amadys' market leadership and Nexgen's transformative capabilities promises a future where connectivity reaches new heights.

Want to explore the synergies between Amadys and Nexgen?

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